3DSS-05-28-12-80 DC Submersible Pump


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3DSS-05-28-12-80 DC Submersible pumps are used in drinking water and living water use. Deep well submersible solar water pump, made of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and high-temperature resistance.


DC Borehole pumps with Oil filled motor, stable & reliable running with pressure regulating membrane; Energy-saving and environment-protected green products; High technique products adopting MPPT; 100% copper wire, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, advanced brushless DC motor; Installation in 5” or larger boreholes.

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3DSS DC Submersible Pump

3DSS-05-28-12-80 DC Submersible pumps

These DC Submersible  Pump are used for Domestic Purpose, also widely used for drinking water and living water use. DC solar water pump, Diameter size: 0.75"  Screw Pump Price: Stable raw materials suppliers, High performance-to-price ratio.

DC Pumps Features and Advantages:-

Oil filled motor, stable reliable running with pressure regulating membrane;

Energy-saving and environment-protected green products;

High technique products adopting MPPT;

100% copper wire, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, advanced brushless DC motor;

Installation in 5" or larger boreholes.

DC Water Submersible Pump and Motor


1.Building/construction work/Domestic water supply;

2.Irrigation and small water work;

3.Landscaping & watering gardens;

4.Water conservancy system;


Oil-Filled DC Borehole Pumps for Superior Performance

In the realm of borehole pumping, a new era dawns with the emergence of oil-filled DC borehole pumps. These groundbreaking pumps revolutionize the industry with their stable and reliable running, courtesy of the oil-filled motor and pressure-regulating membrane.

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, these pumps bring forth energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions, making them true champions of sustainability.

With features like MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), advanced brushless DC motors, 100% copper wire, and cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, they epitomize high-technique products, paving the way for a greener and more efficient future.

Designed for installation in 5" or larger boreholes, these pumps are ready to plunge into the depths, delivering unparalleled performance.

Stability in Motion: Oil-Filled Motors for Unwavering Performance

Oil-filled motors lie at the heart of these DC borehole pumps, ensuring stability and reliability in every operation. The use of oil as a coolant and lubricant significantly enhances the pumps' performance, allowing them to withstand the most demanding conditions.

By effectively dissipating heat and reducing friction, these oil-filled motors provide the foundation for a long-lasting and efficient pumping experience. With their ability to operate smoothly and reliably, even in the harshest environments, these motors ensure an uninterrupted flow of water from the depths below.

Complementing the oil-filled motors is the pressure-regulating membrane, a vital component that further enhances the reliability of these borehole pumps. This membrane acts as a safeguard, maintaining optimal pressure levels within the system.

By stabilizing the pressure, the membrane prevents overloading and excessive strain on the pump, ensuring consistent and dependable performance over time. With this added layer of protection, the oil-filled DC borehole pumps stand as unwavering guardians, ready to deliver water when it is needed most.

The Power of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

The oil-filled DC borehole pumps go beyond mere functionality. They are engineered with a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental protection. These green products optimize power consumption, ensuring minimal energy waste during operation.

By leveraging advanced technologies, such as MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), the pumps maximize the power output of the solar panels or other energy sources, enhancing their overall efficiency. This intelligent system continuously adjusts the operating parameters to match the optimal power point, harnessing the available energy to its full potential.

Through these energy-saving measures, the pumps contribute to a greener future, reducing carbon footprint and preserving precious natural resources.


Technical Data:-


Voltage (VDC):


Max Flow (m³/h):

Max Head(m):










0.75 inch

Applications Limits

1.Max. Ambient temperature<40℃;

2.Sand content (in mass fraction) up to 0.01%;

3.Hydrogen sulphide content up to 1.5mg/L, chloride ion content up to 400mg/L;

4.PH 6.5 to 8.5.

Copper Wires and Silicon Steel Sheets: The Foundation of Reliability

To achieve exceptional performance, the oil-filled DC borehole pumps rely on high-quality components. The use of 100% copper wire ensures efficient power transmission, minimizing energy loss and maximizing the pump's output.

This attention to detail guarantees reliable and consistent performance, ensuring that every drop of water is delivered efficiently.

Cold-rolled silicon steel sheets further elevate the pumps' performance. Known for their excellent magnetic properties, these sheets reduce the energy loss caused by magnetic resistance, enhancing the overall efficiency of the motor.

By minimizing energy wastage, the pumps maximize their productivity, making them ideal for applications where efficiency is paramount.

Into the Depths: Installation in 5" or Larger Boreholes

The versatility of these oil-filled DC borehole pumps is evident in their installation capabilities. Designed to fit 5" or larger boreholes, these pumps can adapt to various depths, providing reliable water extraction for diverse applications.

Whether it's for residential use or industrial purposes, these pumps effortlessly tackle the depths, ensuring a constant and uninterrupted water supply.

Unlocking New Depths: Harnessing the Potential of Oil-Filled DC Borehole Pumps

As we venture into a future fueled by innovation and sustainability, oil-filled DC borehole pumps emerge as the catalysts of change. Their oil-filled motors, pressure-regulating membranes, and energy-saving features represent a leap forward in pumping technology.

By adopting these green solutions, we can tap into the depths below with unwavering stability, reliability, and efficiency. The integration of high-quality components and the adaptability to various borehole sizes make these pumps the epitome of engineering excellence.

Let us embark on a journey of environmental responsibility, harnessing the power of oil-filled DC borehole pumps. Together, we can ensure a sustainable water supply, conserve energy, and preserve our natural resources.

By embracing these innovative solutions, we unlock new depths of possibility, redefining what is achievable in borehole pumping and paving the way for a brighter and greener future.

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DC (Direct Current)


DC Volt

Input Power

PV Array


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