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Exploring the 4QJM2-11 Submersible Pump: A Home Submersible Water Pump

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the 4QJM2-11 Submersible Pump – your dependable home submersible water pump. Be confident and make sure you always have a steady water supply; you can rely on this pump like an old friend.

Whether you are drawing water from a well, using it for household or industrial purposes, or nurturing your garden, the 4QJM2-11 Submersible Pump has got you covered.

Here we will explore the benefits of the Frog submersible pump, we will find out its usage instructions, also will know its applications for pumping systems, and learn more about its technical advantages to gain a deeper understanding.


Introduction to the 4QJM2-11 Submersible Pumps

The 4QJM2-11 Frog submersible Water pump is a  reliable water pump designed to meet Pakistani Water Pumping Market requirements and has a wide range of water supply applications.

Whether you're drawing water from wells, utilizing it for domestic or industrial purposes, or enhancing your garden's irrigation system, this submersible pump is engineered to deliver consistent performance.

Applications of the 4QJM2-11 Submersible Pumps

Meeting Various Water Needs

Water Supply from Wells or Reservoirs: This submersible pump is an ideal choice for sourcing water from wells and reservoirs. Frog Submersible Water Pump is for a long-run and continuous water supply for water pumping applications.

Domestic Use for Civil and Industrial Applications: Whether you're using water for household chores or industrial processes, the 4QJM2/7 Submersible Pump can handle the demand efficiently.

Best for Garden Pumping and Small Irrigation: For garden pumping and small irrigation systems, this pump facilitates effective irrigation, ensuring your greens thrive.


  • MODEL:     4QJM2-11
  • Min. Max Head (M):     22-33-39-46-52-58-60-66-68-70-72
  • Max. Min flow (l/min):    100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10-0
  • Motor HP:     1
  • Motor KW:     0.75

Operational Conditions (50 Hz)

Best Uses of Frog Pump

Maximum Fluid Temperature: The 4QJM2/11 Submersible Pumps can handle fluids with temperatures of up to +35℃, making it suitable for a variety of water sources.

Maximum Sand Content: With a tolerance for up to 1% sand content, this pump can work effectively even in water sources with sediment.

Maximum Immersion: It can be submerged up to 120 meters, providing flexibility in installation depth.

Minimum Well Diameter: Ensure your well has a diameter of at least 5 inches for optimal performance.

Motor and Pump Specifications

Power and Performance

Rewindable Motor: The pump features a rewindable motor that enhances durability and ease of maintenance.

Single-phase Operation: It operates on a single-phase power supply, ranging from 150V to 240V at 50Hz.

Control Options: You can equip it with a start control box or digital auto-control box for added convenience.

NEMA Dimension Standards: The pump complies with NEMA dimension standards, ensuring compatibility with various systems.

Internal Diameter of Outlet: The 4QJM2/11 Submersible Pump comes with outlet options of 1.0", 1.25", 1.5", and 2" to suit your specific requirements.

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 6-month warranty, according to our general sales conditions (optional).

Instruction for installation and maintenance

Ensuring the Long Life of Your 4QJM2/11 Submersible Pump is Important. By regular maintenance and ensuring proper installation, you can ensure that it operates efficiently and meets your water supply requirements for many years.

Best For Frog Submersible Motor Pump

In the realm of water supply solutions, the 4QJM2/7 Submersible Pump proves to be a reliable and adaptable choice.

A frog submersible Water pump is capable of providing the Best performance and durability for Many Water applications, such as Water Supply to your home, supporting industrial operations, or tending to your garden.

Peoples Asked Questions and Their Answers

Last But not least, the 4QJM2 Frog Submersible Pump is a Long-life and durable solution for various water applications. Frog submersible water pumps are best suitable for drawing water from water wells, home water pumping systems, small gardening water systems, and small irrigation systems.

Additional information

Pump Casing:


Out Let:

Cast Iron


Cast ?Iron








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