6YC 40T Submersible Motor


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6YC Submersible Motors. 6 Inches Submersible Motors, best suitable for Agriculture, Irrigation, Water Supply, and Borehole Pumping systems. We offer the best submersible motor prices in Pakistan to our customers.

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Introducing 6YC Submersible Motor

6YC 40T Submersible Motor, Exceptional Performance in Agricultural, Irrigation, Water Supply, and Borehole Pumping Systems. In the realm of efficient and reliable submersible motors, the 6YC series stands out as a pinnacle of engineering excellence.

Designed specifically to cater to the diverse needs of agriculture, irrigation, water supply, and borehole pumping systems, these 6-inch submersible motors have garnered immense praise for their exceptional performance, durability, and affordability. At our esteemed establishment,

we take immense pride in offering our valued customers in Pakistan the best submersible motor prices, ensuring accessibility and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Unparalleled Performance:

When it comes to performance, the 6YC submersible motors outshine their counterparts. Crafted with precision and utilizing cutting-edge technology, these motors deliver optimal power output and efficiency, enabling seamless operation in demanding agricultural applications.

Whether it's irrigating vast fields or powering water supply networks, the 6YC motors consistently provide reliable and consistent performance, surpassing expectations.

Reliable Agricultural Solution:

Recognizing the critical role played by agriculture in Pakistan's economy, the 6YC submersible motors have been specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements of the agricultural sector.

With their robust construction and corrosion-resistant materials, these motors can withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring uninterrupted performance even in the most challenging agricultural settings.

Farmers can rely on the 6YC motors to efficiently extract water from boreholes and effectively distribute it to their crops, enhancing productivity and maximizing yields.

Efficient Irrigation Systems:

Efficient irrigation systems are the backbone of successful farming practices, and the 6YC submersible motors offer an ideal solution. With their advanced design and optimized hydraulic performance, these motors ensure effective water delivery to irrigation systems, enabling precise control over water distribution.

By utilizing the 6YC motors, farmers can achieve optimal moisture levels in their fields, resulting in improved crop health, reduced water wastage, and enhanced water conservation efforts.

Uninterrupted Water Supply:

A reliable water supply is a fundamental necessity for various applications, ranging from domestic use to industrial processes. The 6YC submersible motors excel in delivering consistent water supply, even in remote or challenging locations.

Whether it's for residential complexes, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities, these motors provide a dependable solution for extracting water from deep boreholes and delivering it efficiently to meet the ever-growing water demands of a bustling nation.

Affordable Excellence:

At our esteemed establishment, we understand the importance of providing affordable solutions without compromising on quality. We take pride in offering the best submersible motor prices in Pakistan, ensuring that our valued customers can access top-notch equipment without exceeding their budgetary constraints.

By choosing the 6YC submersible motors, customers not only receive exceptional performance and reliability but also benefit from cost-effectiveness and long-term savings.


6YC Submersible Motor:

6YC 40T Submersible Motor, The new version of the 6" submersible motors, 6YC has been designed according to the market requirements.

In design and material selection all efforts have been made to offer a product to our customers which stands for reliability, excellent quality, long and trouble-free life. 6 YC Oil filled submersible motors have asynchronous thee phase  (380 -415 VAC) rewindable stator and squirrel cage rotor.


  • Oil wet stator design
  • High-grade Material
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long Service Life
  • High Thermal Capacity
  • High Efficiency
  • Re-Windable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Industrial, Commercial
  • Agriculture and Irrigation Purpose.
6yc 40t submersible motor
submersible motors
Model6YC 40T
Power (HP)5.5
Power (KW)4
Voltage (V)380 VAC
Current (A)8
PhaseTri Phase

In the realm of submersible motors, the 6YC series emerges as a beacon of excellence, revolutionizing the agricultural, irrigation, water supply, and borehole pumping systems in Pakistan.

With their unmatched performance, robust construction, and affordability, these 6-inch submersible motors have become the preferred choice for customers seeking reliable and efficient solutions.

By availing of our competitive submersible motor prices, customers can embark on their ventures with confidence, knowing they have the best equipment at their disposal.

Experience the power of the 6YC submersible motors today and witness the transformation they bring to your agricultural and water-related endeavors.

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