7.5 HP Submersible Motor


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6OS 7.5 HP Submersible Motor

The state-of-art design and choice of component materials ensure optimum operating performances, superior quality, reliability and ease of installation.

  • Shaft extension and coupling meet (NEMA) standards.
  • Re-windable stator.
  • Winding Insulation: Class “F”.
  • Protection Grade: IP68
  • Filling fluid in compliance with standards convering oils control with foodstuff and with the purily requirements specified by the annex to G.U.no 104 of  20/04/1973. It also complies with F.D.A.
  • Large compensation bellows for the expansion of the internal liuid.


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6OS 7.5 HP Submersible Motor.


  • Oversized Thrust bearings: Shaft supported by oversized angular bearings which can support thrust load up to 10000N.
  • Mechanical Seal with Sand Protection.
  • Maximum immersion depth: 150m
  • Maximum water temperature: 35ºC.
  • Max temerpature applies to motors working in a installation capable of delivering a flow of water around the motor jacket of at least 0.16 m/s.
  • maximum number of starts per hour at regular intervals: 30 for direct start.
  • Maximum allowable voltage fluctuations over the rated voltage 380 VAC ± 10%.


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Cooling Method:

Oil Filled

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