About Us, Welcome to Qalseen Pump, your one stop hotspot for excellent siphoning answers for extensive variety of siphoning applications. We’ve carefully made a blend of things to guarantee you for the most part have water when you truly need it, paying little mind to how outrageous the situation. Submersible Pumps, QSP4, QSP6, QSP8, QSP10 and upcoming next QSP12 Series Submersible borehole pumps.

About Us

Our high efficient submersible pumps are specially designed and manufactured to meet with the submersible pump market in Pakistan. They can manage a great many liquids and guarantee water gets where it needs to go, whether it’s for customary use or overseeing fascinating waste circumstances.

Submersible Motors: QSM4, QSM6, QSM8

The QSM4, QSM6, QSM8 submersible motors are like the power sidekicks to our pumps. They work flawlessly together, ensuring everything chugs along as expected and saving you from annoying free time and high upkeep costs.

about us

Solar Tubewell Systems

our solar-powered tubewell systems use clean and renewable energy to bring water to faraway places. They’re not just good for the environment; they’re additionally cordial on your wallet.

Solar Energy Systems

Our solar energy systems are like eco-friendly power sources for your home or business. They assist you with setting aside cash and decrease your normal impression while guaranteeing you for the most part have solid power

The Awesome Team Behind Our Success

At Qalseen Pump, our success comes from a team of dedicated professionals. From smart specialists and experts to friendly sales and support staff, each person has acritical job in ensuring our items and services are top-notch.

We believe in participation and laying out a work place where everyone can share ideas and grow personally. Our obligation to nurturing our capable group reflects in the nature of what we offer.

about us

Superb Customer Service

Making you happy is at the heart of what we do. We want to give you a mind blowing experience by being quick and strong whenever you have questions or need support. We esteem your input and are ceaselessly attempting to make things by a long shot predominant.

Make Your Water Experience Better – Choose Qalseen Pump

Qalseen Pump is here to make your water experience awesome. We as a whole are about development, being eco-accommodating, and fulfilling sure you’re. Qalseen Pump, where things work smoothly, and excellence.

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