DMS-200 DOL Motor Starter


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DMS-200 DOL Motor Starter, the best motor starter for 20 HP Submersible Motor. Motor Control Unit (MCU) is particularly suitable to command submersible electric motors and pumps.

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DMS-200 DOL Motor Starter

Direct On-Line start is probably the simplest and traditional type of start and it is to connect the motor directly to the power supply performing, therefore, a full-voltage start-up.

It is often abbreviated with the acronym DOL.

DOL (Direct On-Line) start is the simplest and most cost-effective system for starting pumps and motors and it is traditionally the most widely used. The induced current in the rotor is high. This results in a peak current on the network which can be 5 to 8 times the nominal current.

They are suitable for the startup of small submersible pumps, deep well pumps, or booster sets with surface pumps.

DOL control panels need a direct connection to the power supply network, which implies:

  • Start at full voltage and constant frequency
  • High starting torque
  • Very short acceleration times.

Basic Features:

  • Combine Voltmeter & Ampere Meter to Measure Voltage & Current
  • Contactor For Switching Purpose
  • Thermal Over Load Relay to prevent motor against Overload
  • Indication Lamp For Motor On & Off
  • Autoswitch with SPP to prevent Motor Against Single Phasing and Auto On/Off Function
  • Start & Stop Push button to switch on/off the motor

DOL Starter:

Quality, reliability of a product together with a competitive price are the basis of our every business activity. That is the reason why we are always eager to satisfy the request of a customer, to seek innovation and new resources, to sustain a fervent activity of development and prototype planning.

The Motor Control Units (DOL Motor Starter) and accessories production consist of different high-quality imported components. These are destined to supervise different possible faults and are easy to compound.

Moreover, these control units contribute to the complexity of the starter and they help the starter to have a smooth, high-level technical performance.

These motor control units (Direct Online Starter), are particularly suitable to command submersible electric motors. The range includes DOL (from 3 HP to 40 HP).




Magnetic Contactor

magnetic contactor
magnetic contactor

Circuit Breaker

circuit breaker
circuit breaker

Thermal Overlay Relay

thermal overload relay
thermal overload relay

Phase Failure

phase failure relay
phase failure relay

Dry Run Device


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Direct On-Line Motor Starter


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