ETCP 65-20 Centrifugal Pump


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ETCP 65-20 Centrifugal Pump

ETCP 65-20 Centrifugal Pump

ETCP Centrifugal Pump (Refurbished)

Pump Design:

Single Stage, End Suction volute casing pump for low-pressure application. Impeller is radial Vane Type.


Water supply system for the town ships, Industrial plants, agricultural and irrigation purposes, de-watering, circulating hot and cold (chilled) water in air conditioning plants and pumping fuel, edible oil and condensates.




ETCP pumps are driven by the means of a horizontal electric motor or a suitable diesel engine through a flexible coupling. In parallel design a pulley for flat or vee belt drive can be mounted on the bare end of the shaft and that of the prime mover to obtain the required speed ration. The maximum speed of the pump is limited with ordinary bearing pedestals, but the speed can be increased by using heavy  type of bearing pedestals.

Shaft Sealing:
  • Soft Gland Packing.
  • Un-cooled Single acting, unbalanced Mechanical Seal.


Deep groove Ball Bearing, Grease or Oil Lubricated.


etcp 65-20 centrifugal pump
ModelETCP 65-20
Head (Feet)16 - 45
Flow (g.p.m)60 - 210
Suction (in)3
Outlet (in)2.5"
Power (min-Max) HP1.5 - 3


  • Water supply.
  • Fire-fighting systems.
  • Spray irrigation.
  • Irrigation and drainage.
  • Heating, air-conditioning.
  • Drinking water.
  • Service water.
  • Hot water, cooling water.
etcp 65-20 centrifugal pump
etcp 65-20 centrifugal pump
etcp 65-20 centrifugal pump

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Single Impeller Centrifugal Pump

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Low Pressure Pump

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