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JD Pump 100QJD2-12 submersible pump, in the realm of water pumping applications the jd pump 100QJD2-12 submersible pump procured enormous name and JD Water pump is stands apart as an indication of good quality and high effectiveness no doubt. JD pump is extremely well known for it’s great, yield effectiveness and confided in dependability.

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JD pump 100QJD2-12 submersible pump is uniquely planned and created to meet the different requirements of various kind of water pumping applications, for example, home water supply, horticultural water system, modern water supply, and considerably more, the JD pump Model, 100QJD2-12 submersible pump has earned worldwide respect for its exceptional and incredible result execution, solidness and long life inconvenience free functional run, first and foremost.

The JD Pump 100QJD2-12 submersible pump

Ultimate Guide to Jiadi Pumps' 100QJD2-12 Submersible Water Pump

Exploring the Jiadi Pump's Basics

The Pump's Details:

Type - Multistage Pump

Power Source - Electric

Material - Stainless Steel

Brand - Jiadi

For - Water Wells

Motor - Oil Filled, 100% Copper Wire

Shape - Round

Diameter - 95 mm

Max. Water Temp - 35℃

Pump Model100QJD2-12
VoltageSingle phase/220 VAC
Power (KW)1.1
Power (HP)1.5
OutletG1" - 1 1/4"
Head (Max)81
Max. Water Flow (m3/hr)4.5

Checking out How it Performs

The pump works well under different conditions. The JD Submersible Pumps are specially designed for efficiency and a continuous water supply.

Parts That Make It Tick

Jiadi Pumps ensures the 100QJD2-12 pump lasts with quality spare parts:

Copper Motor - Strong and efficient, works at both 50Hz and 60Hz.

Choices Galore - Stainless steel, copper, or iron outlets and suction chambers give you options.

Plastic Impeller - Tough plastic for durability, resistant to wear and tear.

Mechanical Seal - Super precise Carborundum Graphite seal for long-lasting performance.

Why It Stands Out

This pump brings a lot to the table:

Efficient Motor - Saves energy, gives more output.

Starts at Low Voltage - Works even when the voltage isn't stable.

Tough Impellers - Resistant to wear, lasts a long time.

Protection Features - Keeps you safe with up thrust protection, over and under voltage protection. The JIADI control box adds overload protection, over-temperature protection, and auto-restart for a reliable water supply.

Where It Fits

This pump is versatile, fitting into various roles like:

Building Projects - Helps with water supply.

Agricultural Needs - Perfect for irrigation and small water stations.

Landscaping and Pools - Ideal for fountains, pools, and landscaping.

Water Systems - Works for conservancy and industrial water supply.

Deep Well Pumping - Great for pumping water from deep wells.

Solar Water Systems - Fits into solar-powered water setups.

Why Jiadi Pumps Is the Pick

Jiadi Pumps stands out for a few reasons:

Top-notch Quality – JD Pump products meet high standards.

Quick Support - Get replies to your questions within 24 hours.

Custom Solutions – JD Pump can make products that fit your unique needs.

Expert Engineers – Jiadi’s skilled engineers create unique solutions for you.

Jiadi Pump Promise of Excellence

At Jiadi Pumps, excellence is not just a goal, it's our commitment. With a stage sending for current development, quality, and consumer loyalty, Jiadi Siphon keep on re examining water siphon industry principles and put forth new objective for greatness and advancement in innovation. Experience the Jiadi pumps difference today and raise your pumping solutions to uncommon levels.

At Jiadi Pumps, we promise to give you the best. Jiadi Pump's specially focus is on innovation, quality, and making sure you're happy. Try Jiadi Pumps today for a pumping solution that goes above and beyond.

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