Komax Submersible Motor, Komax Submersible Motor

Komax Submersible Motor

Komax Submersible Motor. KM6 6″ Water cooled Submersible Motor.


In 2015, KOMAX was incorporated in Pakistan under The Company Ordinance 1984 with the prime business of design and manufacturing of borehole submersible electric motors and pumps. The construction of a manufacturing facility started in April 2015 by acquiring industrial land in Sunder Industrial Estate, for construction of a dedicated building having a covered area of 54,192 sq.ft. for the installation of a manufacturing plant and warehousing.

By completing the installation of plant and machinery in April 2017, KOMAX marked the history of being the first-ever manufacturer of 6” NEMA Submersible motor in Pakistan. We started with a strategy to do things differently, to bring innovation in the design and construction of our product for enhanced quality, efficiency and economy. Several design features and metallurgy improvements distinguish our product from those available in the market. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet international standards. Huge funds are invested in the automation of the manufacturing plant to minimize variation in quality.  

State of the art manufacturing machinery has been imported from Europe and strict quality control policy is implemented for in-house manufacturing of the critical parts. KOMAX is continuously improving and innovating the material science of the motor parts with much dedication, energy. and efforts to develop and process the material into the most durable and robust shape. KOMAX is the pioneer in implementing an automatic assembly line and state of the art testing
facility for the production of electric submersible motors were each produced motor goes through a strict quality control test. A new system is under development, that will enable KOMAX having a tracking database and online end-user feedback on each motor used in the field. The system will further boost the quality of our after-sales services. Philosophy of the company is to produce a durable, long life, more efficient, innovative and continuously updated design of submersible electric motor for local and international markets. KOMAX manufactures submersible electric motor of 6-Inch NEMA from 5,5 HP to 70 HP in both 50 and 60 HZ. The 8-Inch NEMA submersible electric motors are under test and in trial production from 30 HP to 180 HP in 50 and 60 HZ

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