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Solar Water Pumping System, Solar Tube well Pakistan, Solar Tube well Price in Pakistan. Solar Tube Well Pumping System, Qalseen Pump offers a wide range of Solar Tubewell pumping systems with high-quality products baked by world-famous manufacturers of Solar Panels, Solar Pump Inverter, and Solar Submersible Pump (Made by Stainless Steel Grade AISI 304).

We offer the best Solar Tubewell Price In Pakistan, Solar Tube well in Pakistan, Best Solar Water Pumping System.

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LSP-18K Solar TubeWell Price In Pakistan+GD100-004G-4 KW Solar Pump Inverter+KuMax-CS3U-355P-canadian-solar-panel+znshine-solar-330-watts
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Solar Water Pumping System:

Best Solar TubeWell Pumping System in Pakistan.

LSP-18K Solar TubeWell Price In Pakistan, We provide Solar tube well Solutions which are practical and affordable solar solutions for farmers. A solar tube well is intended to reduce the water scarcity problem facing the agricultural sector in Pakistan. Due to the excessive discharge of the cargo and fuel constantly rising value, for the abstraction of water Pipes are very difficult for farmers. Qalseen Pump Provides affordable alternatives to individual farmers and businesses.

Our Ability:

We can design Systems of any size and any type from a small pumping system for individuals up to a water supply for several villages. Solar PV systems are the best long-term solution with the best cost-performance ratio for agriculture and clean drinking water with purification systems all powered by Solar PV.

Solar Energy System for Agriculture:

To help farmers overcome the energy crisis, this system was introduced as SOLAR ZARAI TUBEWELL PUMPING SYSTEM to provide an alternative energy resource.

Agricultural Needs:

Pakistan’s economy depends on agriculture and 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas. Farmers worked hard day and night, investing in crops, and getting loans in the hope of earning enough profits.

Unfortunately, the frightening energy crisis has had a profound impact on agriculture as well. Farmers are unable to operate the pipeline wells due to a lack of electricity and high diesel prices.

The installation of a traditional generator means spending all the money on diesel or gasoline without getting one filled. At this time of disappointment, Soherwardia Engineering Corporation emerged as Qalseen Pump as a hope for Pakistani farmers who were making efforts to make both parties meet and were thwarted by critical conditions.

Qalseen Pump offers Solar Tube well services in Pakistan:

Qalseen Pump is providing the services of solar tube well and drip irrigation systems to farmers all over Pakistan. We can provide the facilities of solar water pumps and drip irrigation in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Multan, Kasur, Khushab, Mianwali, Hyderabad, Chiniot, Okara, Rajanpur, Sahiwal, Pakpattan and all other cities of Pakistan.

25 HP Solar Tubewell Pumping System

The energy generated by the Solar System is used directly to pump the water. There are no requirements of batteries or charge controller.

Solar Energy System Consists of Following Items:

  • Solar Submersible Motor
  • Solar Submergible Pump
  • Solar Panels (Longi Solar)
  • Solar Pump Inverter (VFD)
  • Solar Panels Structure (GF-2 Or 3)
  • Installation Accessories

Pumping System:

Motor Power (HP)20 - 25
Motor Power (KW)15 - 18.5
Motor Power (V):380-415
Solar System Specifications:
PV Power (KW):22.6
Solar Inverter Power:18.5 KW
Solar Structure:GF-2 Optional GF-3
Type:Ground Fixed (Optional PM-10)
Due to continues professional development, specification can be change without any prior notice.

LSP-18K Solar TubeWell Price In Pakistan

lsp-18k solar tubewell price in pakistan
lsp-18k solar tubewell price in pakistan

Why Qalseen Pump?

At Qalseen Pump we consider it our mission to provide the farmers a tube-well Pumping system based on a cheap, robust form of alternative energy so that the farmers can improve their standard of living and increase their agricultural products which are a major export for Pakistan.

The solar tube wells Pumping Systems provided by Qalseen Pump are easy to install, very reasonably priced and easily affordable. Qalseen Pump can also undertake solar water pump installation. The solar tube well cost and the solar tubewell installation by Qalseen Pump is highly competitive.

Punjab Govt.’s Solar Tube Well Scheme

Punjab is agricultural heartland of Pakistan and it is this agricultural produce of Punjab that accounts for 80% of the national GDP. This is why our government wants to provide benefits to farmers in order to save their expenses and overheads. The govt. has introduced a Solar Tubewell Scheme whose salient features are:

  1. Punjab Govt will bear 80% of the installation charges
  2. Famers owning less than 12.5 acres agriculture land will be will eligible
  3. This scheme is valid for that agriculture land where underground water is 50 to 80 feet below the surface

The govt. has intimated the details of this scheme via advertisements in newspapers.

Longi Solar Panels


Solar Pump Inverter

invt gd100 solar pump inverter

Tubewell Pumping System

lsp-18k solar tubewell price in pakistan

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Solar Pumping System


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