LR4-72HPH-425M Longi Solar Panel

LR4-72HPH-425M Longi Solar Panel

Longi Solar Panel STC Data:

Model:                                 LR4-72HPH-425M

Pmax (W):                           425W

Voc (V):                                49.0V

Isc (A):                                 11.11 A

Vmp (V):                             40.4 V

Imp (A):                               10.52

2.(d) Data SheetLR4-72HPH+420-440W(35x35Frame+3.2mm+Glass+IEC-UL)-DraftV05




LR4-72HPH-425M Longi Solar Panel

High Efficiency

Low LID Mono Perc

with Half Cut Technology

Positive Power Tolerence   (0~+5W) Gurranted

High Module Conversion Efficiency   (Up to 19.8%)

Slower Power Degredation   Enabled By Low LID Mono PERC Technology: first Year <2%,0.55% Year 2-25

Solid PID resistance   Ensured By Solar Cell Process Optimization and Careful Module BOM Selection

Reduced Resistive Loss with Lower Operating Current

Higher Energy Yield With Lower Operating Temperature

Reduced Hot Spot Risk With Optimized Electrical Design and Lower Operating Current


Additional information



Cell Type:

Mono Crystalline

Junction Box:

IP68, three diodes


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