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Catch the power of the sun with Qalseen Solar Energy. Our imaginative and modern solar energy systems such as Residential Solar energy systems, Commercial Solar Energy systems, Industrial Solar Energy systems, Agriculture solar energy systems, specially solar tubewell systems and products are designed to provide clean, sustainable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Find out our wide range of solar products and solar energy systems in Pakistan.

Qalseen Residential Solar Systems

Qalseen Residential Solar Energy systems take full control of your energy/power consumption/usage and reduce your electricity bills each and every month with our Qalseen residential solar systems. Qalseen Residential Solar Energy systems are specially designed for homes of all sizes (doesn’t matter you have a small home with small family or you have a big home with countless usage of electricity, our residential solar energy solutions have the problems solutions of any type, either small home or big home, it doesn’t matter), these Residential Solar Energy systems catch solar energy from the sunlight and convert it into the useable power (electricity) for your household appliances and lighting.


Qalseen Commercial Solar Systems

For businesses such as, (Commercial buildings, shopping malls, big shops, hospitals, corporate offices, factories, or industries), who are looking to reduce electricity bills even want to be zero and they want to reduce environmental impact. We have the solution too; our Qalseen commercial solar energy systems are specially designed and produced to offer a reliable and cost-effective commercial solar energy solution. From private ventures to enormous undertakings, we plan and introduce sun based energy frameworks to meet your particular prerequisites.

Qalseen Solar Tubewell

Bring cost effective and long life money saving, irrigation solar solutions to your agricultural pumping systems with our Qalseen solar tubewell systems. By harnessing solar power to pump water, these Qalseen solar tubewell pumping systems provide a long life, trouble free and  dependable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered pumping systems.


Qalseen Solar Panels

Our high-efficiency Qalseen solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity with maximum efficiency. Attempted to get through unforgiving atmospheric conditions and convey steady execution, these solar panels are a foundation of our solar energy systems.

Qalseen Solar Inverters

Ensure seamless integration of solar power into your electrical system with our Qalseen solar inverters. These solar inverters intelligently convert DC power got from solar panels into AC power for use in your home or business.

Qalseen Hybrid Solar Inverters

Maximize energy efficiency and reliability with our Qalseen hybrid solar inverters. These modern hybrid solar inverters combine solar power with grid electricity (Solar energy system as hybrid with energy storage system), and battery storage, allowing you to optimize energy usage and reduce reliance on the traditional grid power systems.

Qalseen On-Grid Solar Inverters

Connect your solar energy system to the grid with our Qalseen on-grid solar inverters. These on grid solar inverters allow you to sell excess solar power (generated by the solar panels and converted into usable AC Electricity), back to the grid (It Calls Reverse Metering System or Solar Net Metering System which reverse your excessive power to grid), providing potential savings and revenue (Revenue means after reversing the power to grid you can get financial benefits/saving), opportunities.


Qalseen Solar Energy Systems brightening your life

Installation Testing Commissioning

Our team of skilled technicians ensures seamless installation and integration of your Qalseen solar energy system. From initial consultation to final commissioning, (from design, quote to installation, testing, commissioning), we handle every step of the process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for reliable pumping solutions or sustainable energy alternatives, Qalseen Pump and Qalseen Solar Energy have you covered. Contact us today to learn/quote or to know/design your solar energy system or more about our products and services and start harnessing the power of innovation for a brighter future.

Qalseen Commercial Solar Energy Solutions in Pakistan

Qalseen Industrial Solar Solutions in Pakistan

Qalseen Solar Solutions Pakistan

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