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Qalseen Solar Water Pump Pakistan

Qalseen Solar Tubewell Pump in Pakistan

Qalseen solar water pump Pakistan, we at Qalseen pump are specialized in supply and installation of solar powered water pump and solar water pumping systems.

Qalseen solar water pump Pakistan, we at Qalseen pump are specialized in supply and installation of solar powered water pump and solar water pumping systems. Qalseen solar water pumping systems offers a free, green and cost effective solar water pumping solutions specially for the irrigational water pumping, agriculture water pumping, domestic and commercial water supply. Qalseen solar water pumps and water pumping solutions best suitable for the remote areas of Pakistan. In remote areas where there is no electricity or there is the lackness of electricity Qalseen solar water pumps works even the best there.

Qalseen solar water pump systems in Pakistan


As we all know, that Pakistan is facing the energy power challenges, one of the biggest reason is fastest growing of population which is increasing the demand of electricity. Traditional ways of water pumping basically reliance on that power which is generated with the fossils fuels and very expansive too. Fossils fuels contribute to pollution and worsen climate change.

While solar water pumps utilize the renewable energy source the solar energy which get the power from the sun, which helps to reduce the carbon emissions and decrease the reliance on conventional power sources which are very expansive and create pollution too.

solar water pump price in pakistan

The advantages of Qalseen Solar Water Pumps

Financial savings and long term benefits

Dependability and grid independence

Basic Types of Solar Water Pumps Systems


Qalseen Surface Solar Water Pumps

Qalseen surface solar pumps are best suitable for shallow wells, ponds or surface water sources. Qalseen solar surface water pumping systems consists of a solar panels array, the pump controller, and Qalseen surface water pump, these all solar water pumping systems are the ideal choice for small scale irrigation, garden watering, and livestock requirements.


Qalseen Solar Submersible Water Pump

Qalseen solar submersible water pump are specially designed for well or boreholes, these solar submersible pumps lift water from the underground sources. Qalseen submersible pumps are submerged in deep water, with solar panels installed above the ground. Widely used and best suitable for the agricultural, irrigational and community water supply.



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Qalseen Hybrid Solar Pump


Qalseen hybrid solar water pump systems connected with the solar power and grid electricity or diesel generators. During the time of low irradiation such as evening time or cloudy day when the sunlight is very low and there is high demand of water then the solar water pumping system silently switches to the grid power or other source of power as backup. This is making sure the continuous operatin and optimizing the energy efficiency too.

Factory to consider when selecting Qalseen solar water pump

Water requirements

Solar irradiation and location

Pump efficiency and quality


Installation and maintenance tips for Qalseen solar water pump or systems


Site Assessment and design

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Professional installation and support


Qalseen Solar Power for water solutions in Pakistan


Qalseen solar water pumps and systems offer a long operational and cost effective solution to Pakistan water pumping needs. By catching the solar power from the sun, we can take a major part in the climate change which is the very first thing, we also can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, and can provide the reliable access to the water for agriculture, livestock, and communities nationwide.

Qalseen Solar Water Pump Pakistan

We at Qalseen pump is strongly committed and doing our best to promote the switching to solar technology for a brighter and more greener future, and be sure this future is not only for us but it is for the generations to come.

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