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Qalseen Submersible Pumps

Qalseen Submersible Pumps – Best Top Supplier of Submersible Pumps In Pakistan

Qalseen Submersible Pumps is Pakistan based submersible pump supplier and installer. Qalseen Pumps products across the Pakistan, bright example of a long years of expertise, modern innovation, and a great nationwide  network. From the first day of Qalseen pumps journey, Qalseen pumps have been successful in providing customer centric and the finest quality service to its clients. That is why Qalseen pumps have become the pioneer in the supply and installation of highly durable borewell submersible pumps and submersible motors.

Qalseen pump provide the water pumps manufactured with sophisticated technology and modern manufacturing units in order to provide to its clients with durable, energy efficient and long life ‘Submersible Motor/Pump and Domestic Submersible water Pump. Qalseen pump is providing the submersible pump product range from 3” inches to 10” in sizes and the submersible motor power ranges from 1 HP to 60 HP.

Qalseen Submersible Pumps Range


Qalseen  well pumps are made of



Cable guard

Submersible electric cable

Why Choose Qalseen Pumps for Submersible Pumps

Choose Qalseen Pumps because the use of finest quality  stainless steel Grade AISI 304 materials are used in Qalseen Submersible Pumps.

The Pure copper used in stator windings to make sure minimum loss of power

Thrust bearings can manage easily different thrust loads due to their sophisticated design.

The Pump Shafts made of high quality stainless steel which makes sure smooth performance of pump-set.

The stainless steel submersible motor jackets protect motors from water.

Applications of Qalseen Submersible Pump

Well water pumps have always been a necessity in some regions of Pakistan due to the lack of sufficient rainfall, scattered rainfall patterns and insufficient water sources. In this situation, extracting groundwater necessitates the use of a Bore well Submersible Pump.

Qalseen Bore well pumps can be used for

Groundwater extraction in any quantity

Farm house irrigation pumping systems

Fire fighting water pumping systems

Tubewell water pumping

Solar Tubewell Water Pumping systems

Water supply ability to wide range  of residential and industrial building and pumping systems

Sewage handling systems

A Qalseen borewell pump is placed inside a cylindrical hole (bore) excavated in the earth. It can convert the rotary energy of an impeller into the kinetic force required to lift water up to the surface. Once drawn into the pump, the water is propelled upward through the rotation of the impeller via a diffuser.

Best Selling Products of Qalseen Submersible Pump

Factors to Consider while Buying Submersible Pumps

Size of Bore well

The bore well size refers to the diameter of the hole dug in the ground to accommodate a pump. It's feasible to install a pump with a smaller outer diameter than the bore well size. However, if the outer diameter of the pump exceeds the bore well size, it won't fit.


The Total Dynamic Head (TDH) is the height to which a submersible pump can raise groundwater. When selecting a pump model, customers consider factors like house size and the water table of the installation area. TDH is calculated by summing the head length, pumping level, drop pipe friction loss, and check-valve friction. Measurements are typically in feet or meters.

Delivery Size/Outlet

Delivery size or outlet size is the diameter of water flow nozzle.  This diameter is measured in inches or millimeters. It is to measure the size of the column pipe which is connected to the storage tank or other storage option or for direct pumping.

Discharge Rate

It is the quantity or volume of water (mostly measured in liter/minute or hour, but it also can measure in GPH – I.G.PM or US G.P.M or cubic meter per minute or hour) that can be pumped by a Bore well submersible pump per minute or hour. A Qalseen submersible pump of large discharge flow will be required in a large area.


All of Qalseen submersible pumps come with a pump efficiency chart. Choosing the correct stages or number of bowls of a pump based on its head or height and motor power rating is important for maximum efficiency.



Water Supply

Cooling System

We offer pumps equipped with either water-filled motors or oil filled motors. In water filled motors, water serves as a coolant and can be refilled indefinitely.

Construction Material

A product's durability largely hinges on the construction materials used. Among the collection, pumps with a Noryl impeller and CI motor body are the most durable.

Advantages of Qalseen Submersible Pumps

No Need for Priming

These Qalseen submersible pumps are need not be primed as these Qalseen submersible pumps remain submerged in deep water. It also safe any possibility or issue of an air bubble in the water submersible pump set which may damage a pump inner lining.

Better Efficiency

These Qalseen submersible pumps can extract water from the source without requiring a lot of power, actually these Qalseen submersible pumps are energy efficient than the traditional submersible pumps and these submersible pumps save up to 25% energy as compare to traditional submersible pumps.

Anytime Function

Bore well pumps extract water out of the earth. Here you should not worry about filling the storage tank at in certain hours of the day.

NRV (Non-Return Valve)

Our pumps are fitted with this valve which prevents the backflow of water. We have both single-phase and three-phase models based upon a motor rating.

We strongly recommend proper installation of the pump inside the bore. If the pump is not submerged in water, it can overheat, leading to a decrease in product longevity.

Best Submersible Pump For Well from Qalseen Pumps.

Qalseen Pumps is a well know and trust supplier of submersible water pumps in Pakistan, Qalseen pump is  offering a wide range of Qalseen submersible water pumps to meet the different requirements of water pumping systems.

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