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Qalseen Pump for Water Pumping Systems

QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump, when it comes the matter of water pumping systems, specially the tubewell water pumping system or borehole water pumping system. Only 1 name comes in the mind of every tubewell installer, which is very popular pump supplier in Pakistan. This is because of Qalseen pump’s efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness reign supreme.

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The QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump, setting a new benchmark in the market of submersible pumps Pakistan. Qalseen submersible pump has been designed and produced to meet the need of tubewell pumping systems, QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump meticulously to cater to the specific demands of the Pakistani submersible pump market, this QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump series of 6” stainless steel Qalseen submersible pumps is poised to revolutionize water pumping operations across wide range of pumping sectors.

Design Features - Engineering Excellence at Its Finest

At the heart of the QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump lies a combination of compactness, reliability, and hydraulic ingenuity. The design of QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump is not only ensures high overall efficiency but also boasts especially reduced energy consumption (Qalseen Submersible pumps are really energy efficient and this has been proven), converting into lower running expenses for water pumping systems all through the Pakistan.

What separates the QSP6 series is its development utilizing uncompromising stainless steel, both at the top and base? This strong form, specially coupled with stainless steel Material (grade AISI 304), fabricated impellers and diffusers (Bowls), guarantees unmatched corrosion resistance and guarantees a long and trouble free operational life of pumping system.

Pump ModelQSP6 17-28
Motor Power (HP/KW)25/18.5
Motor Dia (in)6
Delivery Size (in)2.5 Optional 3
Discharge Flow (L.P.M)150-250-350-450
Head (m)291-262-197-91
PAI12 - 4.63h

Ideal Choice for Solar Tubewell Pumping Systems

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump emerges as the ideal choice for solar tubewell pumping systems. This submersible pump energy-efficient operation aligns perfectly with the goals of solar tubewell designers and installers, offering not only reliability but also sustainability in water pumping solutions.

QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump Applications

The flexibility of the QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump exceeds all logical limitations. From agricultural water pumping in Pakistan to commercial water supply in Pakistan, urban areas water supply, firefighting pumping systems, sprinkler irrigation and agriculture water pumping, mining, drainage, and de-watering, QSP6 17 Submersible pump proves its mettle across diverse applications. Its compatibility with solar tubewell systems further expands its utility and (specially its popularity in Pakistan's submersible pump market and users), making it a preferred choice for a wide array of water pumping needs.

The backbone of the QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump lies in its high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient QSM6 Submersible Motors. These motors are especially designed and produced to ensure low energy consumption (Which is proven by the users), beating customary partners in the market by saving up to 25% energy (Simple in meanings these submersible motors are using less power than the traditional submersible motors).

By Jointing with Qalseen submersible motors, such as QSM4 4” Qalseen Submersible motor (Oil Filled), QSM6-OC 6” (Oil Filled submersible motor) and QSM6 6” water cool/filled submersible motor has made the QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump to fulfill the specific or special requirements of a pumping system.

QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump A Testament to Excellence

QSP6 17-28 Submersible Pump represents a perspective change in the domain of water pumping systems. Its compact and slim design, combined with unequaled execution, high quality stainless steel material (Grade AISI 304) and it's capability, these all qualities made the Qalseen Submersible Pump as a hot selling product in the submersible market in Pakistan.

Whether for agricultural, local, business, or current applications, this Qalseen submersible pump succeeds no matter how you look at it, conveying reliability, viability, and cost-sufficiency in comparable measure.

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