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QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump


At Qalseen Pump, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions for your water supply needs. Qalseen Pumps 6” inches stainless steel borehole submersible pumps, such as (QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump) stick out as reliable, efficient, and durable tubewell submersible pump, Qalseen pumps are specially designed and produced to meet the demands of wide range of pumping system applications in Pakistan and beyond.

In this product description, we will read about the features and advantages of QSP6 20 Submersible Pump, and we will also read the QSP6 20 Submersible Pump wide range of applications for pumping systems, this product description is providing you with all the information about  QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump.

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QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump

QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump is especially designed and engineered to deliver superior and excellent output performance in wide range of water supply systems. QSP6 20-6 Submersible Pump features a powerful stainless steel (Material Grade AISI 304), construction, this high quality stainless steel material solid guaranteeing durability and resistance to corrosion, even in harsh environments.

The QSP6 20 Submersible Pump compact and slim design make sure to install in any type of borehole or tubewell, and because of its un matched slim design and slim dia meter, these submersible borehole pumps can be easily install in wells or boreholes/tubewell, these extra ordinary qualities, and special material making them an ideal choice for both commercial and industrial water supply along with other pumping applications.

Pump ModelQSP6 20-8
Motor Power (HP/KW)7.5/5.5
Motor Dia (in)4 or 6
Voltage/Frequency220 or 380V/50Hz
Delivery Size (in)2.5 Optional 3
Discharge Flow (L.P.M)200-300-400-500
Head (m)83-74-55-25
PAI8.5 - 4h

QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump Key Features

Stainless Steel Construction

The use of high-quality stainless steel materials in manufacturing is the guarantee long pumping life and corrosion resistance; these all qualities are making these tubewell pumps suitable for long life use in different type of environments.

Efficient Motor

Equipped with a powerful motor, our 6-inch stainless steel submersible pumps deliver high flow rates and consistent performance, ensuring a steady water supply.

QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump Design Features

The submersible nature of these pumps allows them to operate efficiently underwater, minimizing noise and maximizing efficiency.

Easy Installation

Designed for hassle-free installation, these pumps can be quickly and securely mounted in wells or boreholes, saving both time and effort.

Wide Range of Pumping Applications

Our QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump fined applications across various sectors, including:

Agriculture Pumping Systems

QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pumps are ideal for irrigation purposes, delivering water to crops efficiently and effectively.

Industrial water pumping need

From dewatering of water and to water supply for manufacturing processes to much type of industries, these submersible pumps are the final solutions and wise choice for industrial applications.

Municipal Water Pumping Systems

Municipal water supply systems benefit from the reliability and efficiency of these submersible pumps, guaranteeing continuous/trouble free access to clean water for the peoples.

QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump core advantages


With a powerful and caring construction and energy efficient and slim design, Qalseen pumps offer reliable output performance, minimizing running and maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

The efficient motor design ensures optimal energy utilization, reducing operational costs while maximizing output.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to their durable construction and high quality stainless steel grade AISI 304 components, these submersible pumps require less maintenance, providing long term cost/money savings.


It doesn’t matter for residential water supply, commercial water supply, urban areas water supply, village water supply or industrial water pumping systems, these extra ordinary qualities submersible pumps are the final solutions specialized to meet with the wide range of water supply needs.

QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump

Investing in a QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump from Qalseen Pump ensures a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your water supply needs. With a focus on best and high quality, extra ordinary output performance, and durability, Qalseen submersible pumps are specially designed and manufactured to exceed expectations and deliver unmatched value.

If you want to buy these high quality submersible pumps, please contact us today to learn more about how QSP6 20-8 Submersible Pump can boost your water supply system's efficiency and can save your money.

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QSP6 20


Single or multistage borehole submersible pump


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