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Improving Your Water Supply with 6-Inch Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pump, At Qalseen Pumps we’re dedicated to providing excellent solutions for your water needs. Qalseen pump 6-inch stainless steel tubewell pumps are reliable, efficient, and durable, tailored to suit various applications. Here, you can know about the salient features of QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps, the proven advantages, and uses of these exceptional tubewell pumps to help you make the right choice.

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Understanding the Qalseen Pump’s 6 Inches Stainless Steel tubewell pumps

QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps, 6 inches stainless steel tubewell pumps are specially designed and manufactured with hi grade, AISI 304 Stainless steel material because of this stainless steel material, these tubewell pumps are able to offer excellent performance in different water systems.

These Tubewell siphons are produced using hey reviewed treated steel material, and in light of this howdy grade hardened steel material, these tubewell siphons are strong and can get through consumption, even in extreme or unforgiving circumstances.

These tubewell pumps small size allows for easy installation in wells or boreholes, these all qualities are making these tubewell pumps perfect for commercial, agriculture, irrigation and other industries.


Pump ModelQSP6 30-9
Motor Power (HP/KW)12.5/9.3
Motor Dia (in)6"
Delivery Size (in)2.5 Optional 3 - 4
Discharge Flow (L.P.M)350-490-560-700
Head (m)94-79-67-36
PAI5 - 3h

QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps Salient Features Described

Strong Build

These QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps are specially made from high-quality stainless steel, which is guaranteeing they last long and resist corrosion, no matter the environment.

Powerful Submersible Motor

With a strong submersible motor, our 6-inch stainless steel QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps, deliver high water flow rates consistently, guaranteeing you always have water when you need it.

Submersible Design

This QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pump, work underwater, which means they're quiet and efficient, saving energy while they work.

Easy to Install

QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps particularly planned and fabricated to be easy to introduce, this QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pump, can be set up rapidly and safely in wells or boreholes, saving you time and exertion.

Applications QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps,

Our 6-inch stainless steel QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pump is used in various sectors, including:


Perfect for watering crops efficiently.


Versatile enough for dewatering or providing water for manufacturing processes.


Reliable enough to provide water for towns or cities.

Advantages - QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps,


QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pump, built to last, minimizing any downtime or maintenance costs.


Perfectly designed to use energy wisely, they help cut down on operational costs while still giving you the water you need.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to their sturdy design and quality parts, these pumps need minimal upkeep, saving you money in the long run.


Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, these pumps can meet your water needs efficiently.

Choosing a 6-inch stainless steel QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps, from Qalseen Pump means choosing reliability, efficiency, and durability for your water supply needs. Our main focus on hi quality ensures (because we never compromised on quality), it is our strong vision that our tubewell pumps exceed expectations and provide excellent value for money.

Contact us today to know more about how our QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps can improve your water system, doesn’t matter it is solar tubewell pumping system, borehole pumping system, commercial water supply system or other pumping system, Qalseen Pump's QSP6 30-9 Tubewell Pumps is always ready to serve you and give you long and trouble free operational pumping life.

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QSP6 30


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