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QSP6 46-11 Submersible Water Pump


QSP6 46-11 submersible water pump are specially designed for tubewell, borehole or bore well pumping systems offered by Qalseen pump, which is a famous name in Pakistan’s pumping market. Qalseen pumps 6” Submersible water pump model QSP6 46 is a perfect solution for long life run and trouble free pumping systems operational life.

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Energy efficient Qalseen Submersible Water Pump

Qalseen pumps QSP6 46-11 submersible water pump are highly energy efficient and offers high operating reliability and long service life. These Qalseen Submersible water pumps are designed and engineered to energy cost saving, keeping in mind. This is the result of Qalseen submersible water pumps are energy efficient and saving up to 25% energy, which has been proven by the customer’s feedback for Qalseen QSP6 46-9 Submersible water pump.

These submersible water pumps are suitable to install minimum dia meter of tubewell – bore well starting from 200 millimeters, these submersible water pumps can be install vertically in tubewells and horizontally can be install in water tanks, ponds, rivers and others suitable places.

Pump ModelQSP6 46-11
Motor Power (HP/KW)25/18.5
Motor Dia (in)6"
Delivery Size (in)3" (Optional 4")
Discharge Flow (L.P.M)450-700-900-1150
Head (m)126-106-84-42
PAI5 - 3h

Material of Construction details

Qalseen pump 6” series model QSP6 46-11 Submersible water pump, are designed and produced with high quality stainless steel material, grade AISI 304. This stainless steel material ensures high durability and precision. Because of stainless steel material it uses low energy and reduce energy cost than the traditional submersible water pumps.

The Key Features of QSP6 46-11 Submersible water pump

High grade materials

Qalseen submersible water pumps are produced from stainless steel material grade AISI 304, which is the guarantee of durability and long pumping systems operational life.

High Operating Reliability

Reinforces suction strainers, sturdy drive lanterns – motor stools, including check valve, specially laser welded impellers, bowls (Difuzzers), and protection against thrust reversal ensures reliable pumping system continuous operation and long service life.

Max. Sand Protection

These submersible water pump’s rubber bearings with sand channels allow sand particles to exit the pump with pump liquid (such as Water).

Stainless steel Submersible Spare Parts

Qalseen submersible water pump components such as diffusers, stainless steel impellers, suction piece and discharge nozzle (Which have NO Return valve built in with), are entirely made with stainless steel grade AISI 304, these all components because of it’s high quality material ensures the maximum strength, durability, and wear resistance.

Wide Range of Pumping Applications

Ideal for Agriculture, Irrigation, Sprinkler Systems

Best suitable for Commercial Water Supply Systems

Under ground water lifting (Tubewell Pumping Systems)

Fir fighting pumping systems

Pressure boosting pumping systems

Solar Tubewell Pumping systems

QSP6 46-11 Submersible water pump Advantages

Low Operating Cost

Easy to operate and flexible

The QSP6 46-11 submersible water pump offers easy operation and flexibility, which make the QSP6 46-11 Submersible water pump the 1st and preferred choice of many type of pumping systems applications. The maintenance free design is the guarantee of hassle free – trouble free pumping system’s operational life, while the range of riser pipe’s connections adds to its adaptability.

Qalseen submersible water pump model QSP6 46-11 Submersible water pump, is easy to dismantle and its check valve make it easy for maintenance this increase the operational efficient of this submersible water pump.

If you want to buy this qalseen’s submersible water pump, we suggest to you, please contact us via email, or contact us directly on whats aap given below.

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QSP6 46


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