SIP-185 CSP Irrigation Pumping System


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Solar-powered irrigation.

A solution to water management in agriculture.


System Model:                                                SIP-185 CSP

Solar Panels Power:                                      27 KW

Solar Panels Rack:                                        GF-2

Solar Pump Inverter:                                   SAJ-18.5 KW

Surface Pump.                                              Surface Pump (Select As Per Your Reuirements). 

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SIP-185 CSP Irrigation Solar System

The pumps used for the transport of the water are equipped with solar cells. The solar energy absorbed by the cells is then converted into electrical energy via a generator which then feeds an electric motor driving the pump. Most of the traditional pump systems mainly work with a diesel engine or with the local power grid. However, these two modes of operations present disadvantages compared to solar pumps.

In many rural areas, especially in developing and emerging countries, the access to the electricity grid is not always guaranteed. In this case, farmers cannot rely on the traditional irrigation system. Thus, using an independent and alternative energy system can be a solution for the farmer to secure a safe power source and for the public grid to avoid saturation.

Diesel pumps are slightly more efficient than AC powered pumps as they allow greater flexibility. However, one of the main constraints is that this system relies on the fuel availability, added to a greater impact on the environment. Diesel-driven pumps are cheaper than solar-powered pumps but the operating costs are quite high and depend heavily on the diesel price. In solar-powered systems, it works the other way round, that is, although this system is relatively expensive, the source of energy is free, therefore, after the amortization period, there are no longer operating costs (only the maintenance costs must be considered). Therefore, solar pumps turn out to be a viable long term investment.

Therefore, nowadays, R&D tends to focus on creating solar pumps that are affordable in arid regions. The company SOHERWARDIA SOLAR has developed with KOMAX, a solution to replace diesel engine by solar-powered engine. In this case, the whole irrigation system including the pump can remain as it is; only the diesel engine is replaced by a photovoltaic system and the so-called “SAJ pump drive controller”. A prototype of this system was tested in 2015 in a farm in PATOKI and according to the manufacturer, turned out to be quite efficient. The main advantage lies in the fact that there are low acquisition costs as the existing infrastructure is used.

SIP-185 CSP Irrigation Solar System Consists Of:

  1. Canadian Solar Panels (Or Equivalant), Grade A Having 10 Yrs Performance Warranty. 25 Yrs 80% Efficiency Warranty.
  2. Solar Panels Mounting System (Ground Fixed), Made with Galvanized Sheet based and capable to bear heavy wind.
  3. Solar Pump Inverter (By SAJ Electric), True MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), Boost the pv modules to generate more power.


Additional information

PV Modules:

Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar

Pump Inverter:

Real MPPT Controller with VFD Function.

Mounting System:

Ground Mounting System (Galvanized Sheet Base), Optional Pole Mounting System


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