GZN-20P Solar Home System


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Solar Systems, Solar Panels For Home

GZN-20P Solar Systems, Solar Panels For Home

Are you suffering from gruesome load shedding in your home?

Are you in trouble because of heavy electricity bills?

Don’t worry now. We brought GZN-20P Solar Home System for you. Qalseen Energy brings you the most economical solution in form of solar system for home. Model: GZN-20P,

Our solar system for home solution is as follow:

Model:                         GZN-1500P

Solar Power:              2.3 KW

Mounting:                  GF-2 (Galvanized).

Solar Inverter:           2.2 KW (MPPT)

Storage:                       HYUNDAI (Deep Cycle Tubular Batteries).



GZN-20P Solar System Solar Panel Solar Power.

Benefits of GZN-20P Solar System Solar Panel Solar Power:

  • No Load Shedding
  • No Heavy Electricity Bills
  • This system stops Wapda Meter in the day time and uses electricity generated by solar panels.
  • 50-60% saving in Utility Bills each and every month.
  • 25 Years life of Solar Panels.
  • 10 Years Workmanship Warranty Of solar Panels




Additional information

System Consists Of:

Solar Panels, Solar Panels Mounting, Solar Inverter, Hyndai Deep Cycle Tubular Batteries.

Installation Accessories:

Installation accessories will be as per actual, (After Site Visit).

Installation Charges.

Installation charges are fixed Rs: 20000.


As per actual.

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