TPS-160-1A Tubewell Pumping System


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20 HP Tube Well Pumping System

Complete Tube well Pumping System

Soherwardia Engineering Corporation offer Complete Tube well Pumping System at very low prices. Complete Tube well Pumping System Consists Of:

  1. Motor & Pump
  2. Top Set
  3. Column Pipe 6” with Stainless Steel Nut+Bolts and Gas Kets.
  4. 3 Core Submersible Flat Cable
  5. Cable Jointing Material.
  6. Top Bend
  7. Erection Clamp
  8. Main Riser Pipe 10’ x 6” x 3.5mm
  9. Motor Control Unit with Dry Run Protection Device.



Features of Pumping System.

  • Model:     SPT-10/160-1A
  • DN Size:     6″
  • Voltage:     380 VAC
  • Frequency:    50 Hz
  • Required Casing Size:     Minimum 12″.
  • Pump Setting Depth:     30 Feet

Motor & Pump Data:

SPT Pumping System features:

Model:                                 SPT-10/160-1A

Min. Max Head:                28-57-67-82 Meters

Max. Min Flow:                 3800-3000-2600-1800 Liters Per Minute

Discharge Nozzle:            6″

Pump Setting:                   30′

Motor HP:                           60 HP

Motor KW:                          45 KW

Motor Dia:                          6″

Cooling Method:              Water Cool


AS Per Actual:

Installation, Transportation, Sluice Valve, No-Return Valve.

Complete System Consists of following Products:

Flanged and Threaded Pump Coupling Piece:

  • Flanged Pump coupling Piece 6″.

MS Column Pipe:

  • MS column Pipe Flanged 10′ x 6″ x 3.5 mm. Including Gas kets, Stainless steel Nut Bolts.

Flanged Top Bend:

  • Flanged Top Bend 6″ with nut bolt and gas ket.

Bore Plate:

  • Bore Plate Made with Ms iron Sheet.

3 Core Submersible Flat Cable:

  • 3 Core Submersible Flat Cable.

DOL Motor control Unit (MCU):

  • DOL Motor Control unit with all safety component fixed in a metal box. Dol Motor control unit include with Dry run protection device.
Optional Accessories (as per actual):

Sluice Valve:

  • Sluice valve/Gate Valve Grey cast iron material 6″.

Non Return valve:

  • Non-Return valve. 6 “.

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Powered By:

Komax Motor And Komax Pump


Made In Pakistan


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