TSM6 12.5 HP Motor


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TSM6 12.5 HP Submersible Motor.

Water Cooled 6″ Body Rewindable Submersible Motor.

Operating Data 50 Hz Submersible Motor.

Model:   TSM6-125T

Horse Power:   12.5 HP

Kilo Watts:   9.3 KW

Current (V):   380 VAC

Frequency:   50 Hz

Current (A):   20.8 A


TSM6 6″ Water Cooled Submersible Motor.

  • Flange with NEMA Standard.
  • High efficiency provides operation cost savings.
  • Water Coolant System.
  • Stainless Steel shaft.
  • Max. Ambient water temperature (30 ºC,  50 ºC, 70 ºC & 90ºC is optional).
  • Variable operation revolutions by frequency converter (Over 30 Hz).
  • Availability to be operated by soft-starter.
  • CW & CCW direction of rotation.

Efficient Design:

All TSM6 Submersible motors are designed for higher efficiency. It is one of the most important factors for the longevity of the motor. They also include a large stator surface area for improved cooling.

TSM6 Submersible motors have a long stainless steel stator jacket. This jacket provides a better cooling effect. The improved cooling system decreases the inside motor temperature.

TSM6 submersible motors have a kingbury type thrust bearing which roves a long lasting maintenance free life. The thrust assembly consists of a high quality carbon disc with hardened stainless steel shoes to handle necessary pump thrust load.

Hydrodynamic carbon sleeve bearings are fitted at both ends of the TSM6 submersible motor. They are lubricated with a large surface area to give extra support and prevent whipping.

Rotors are balanced to less than 1mm/sec in all planes when measured on No Load.  TSM6 submersible motors are fitted with Bergman silicon faced vi ton rubber mechanical seal and sand slinger to prevent external water and foreign materials from entering motor.

All TSM6 Submersible motors are equipped with three PT100 RTD sensors (Located at thrust bearing, upper and lower sleeve bearing).

All TSM6 submersible motors are tested under the most stringent quality control system so that they have a long lasting life and maintenance free operation.

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