Veichi SI23 11KW Solar Pump Inverter


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Veichi SI23 11 KW Solar Pump Inverter. Solar Pumping System Converts Solar Energy Directly Into Electric Energy, And then Drives Motor To Drive Water Pumps To Pump Water From Deep Wells , Rivers, Lakes, And Other Water Sources. The System, the System Consists Of Solar Panels, Solar Pump Inverter And Water Pump.


SI23 Solar Pump Inverter Manual



  • Specially designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology.
  • Support remote monitoring online through GPRS remote monitor system.
  • Work well with PMSM,AM and other pumps.
  • Book design saves installation space.

SI 23-D5 Solar Pump Inverter

  • Book-style narrow appearance design brings up to 60% smaller in volume;
  • Up-down straight-through heat dissipation, multiple frequency inverters can be installed side by side for greatly reducing the size of the cabine
  • Interactive keyboard design, simple appearance and dual keyboard display.


SI23-D5 VEICHI Solar Pump Inverter:

Maximum Power Point Tracking function:

Built-in with the MPPT (maximum power point tracking) function, so the photovoltaic pumping system can produce better power outputs to improve the working efficiency of pumps.

Ingenuity brings brilliant control algorithm:

  • Drive a variety of loads: supports PMSM, AM, electric spindle, AC pump, etc.
  • Motor self-tune: international leading self-tune algorithm with high accuracy and consistency.
  •  High-speed low-magnetic control: high-bandwidth current vector and 12 times low-magnetic high-precision output.

Reliable performance and comprehensive and timely protection.

Solar pump protection functions:

Dry protection, low frequency protection, minimum power protection, sleep protection, overwater protection, pump overcurrent protection, etc.

Basic protection functions:

Overvoltage, undervoltage, inverter overcurrent, module fault, inverter overload, motor overload, current detection zero-drift fault, current detection fault, E2RCM fault, grounding short-circuit fault, input phase loss, output phase loss , inverter overheating, communication fault, motor parameter self-learning fault, etc.
Line-to-ground short-circuit detection: achieve full protections from the solar pump inverter to the motor.

High efficiency with excellent debugging tool.

  •  Host computer debugging software: VCACSost Ver1.3 is easy to operate and configure parameters and provides customers with unprecedented flexibility.
  •  Firmware upgrade: built-in software directly upgrades online that greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  •  Traditional ports: commonly used 485 interface or fieldbus for data exchange is efficient and stable.

Fully-equipped with extensive and remarkable expansion.

  • SPI expansion port: automatic identification of expansion cards and high-speed channel optimized efficiency.
  • Extensive expansion: supports multiple types of expansion cards and owns various functions that is suitable for multifold applications;
  • The basic types are divided into communication expansion card, GPS IOT card, IOT expansion card, PG card and simple logic card.

Exquisite structure ensures high working adaptability in severe environments.

  •  Brand-new structure design: the division design of device and air duct and full enclosed design on both sides of the machine improve environmental resistance of the product;
  • Wide-tooth and high-air cooling: high-efficient heat dissipation with wide tooth surface and huge wind and high wind speed cooling fan guarantee the full power section without derating at high temperatures.
  • Great-longevity design: rigorous screening of high-quality parts and scientific layout effectively avoid high temperature rise and prolong the product life cycle.

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