ZCP-31510-E Solar Surface Pumping System


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ZCP-31510-E Solar Surface Pumping System. This Solar Pumping System Specially designed for Agriculture, Irrigation Purpose.

Solar Surface Pumping System Consists of Following Items:

  • Centrifugal Pump Motor
  • Base Frame Coupling
  • Solar Panels
  • Ground Mounting System (Optional Pole Mounting)
  • Solar Pumping Inverter
  • Combiner Box

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Zarai Solar Water Pumping System

ZCP-20125-A Solar Surface Pumping System.

Solar Surface Pumps are used to move water from sources such as shallow wells, ponds, streams and tanks. Where the itself can be located no more than 5 Meters above the water level. There are many types of pump available; the choice will depend on how much water per day needs to be moved and the height and distance to the delivery point (such as the storage tank). Pump efficiency and realiability can be improved if suction lift can be minimized to just a few meters.

There are 3 Main categories f surface pumps - Delivery, pressure and booster pumps;

  • Delivery Pumps: are used to move water from one place to another. Some are capable of high pressure while others are intended mainly for moving large volumes at low pressure.
  • Pressure Pumps: are often used for pressurizing small water systems in buildings - homes, schols, business or hospitals.
  • Booster Pumps: are used to maintain pressure or flow -typically useful in towns or communities with unreliable water pressure particularly at times of high demand.

ZCP Surface Pump

Solar Panels

Solar Pump Inverter


Model:                       ZCP-31510-E

Power (HP);             40

(KW):                         30

R.P.M:                       1450

Pump Inlet:              5″

Pump Outlet:           4″

Pump Head:           116-111-106 (ft)

Pump Flow:            1136-1590-2000 l/min

Technical Data:

Watt Power:                             330

Output Tolernce%:                0~+3

Voc:                                         46.8V

Isc:                                           9.16A

Vmp:                                       37.5V

Imp:                                       8.80A

Efficiency:                           16.97%

Technical Specifications:

Model:                          SI23-D5

Output Current:        380 VAC

Min Input DC:           620 VDC

Max Input DC:          800 VDC

Frequency:                  0-60 Hz

Additional information


Centrifugal Pump Motor

Dual Option:

Solar & Grid

Pump Warranty:

24 Months

Warranty Solar Panel:

10 Years

Solar Pump Inbverter Warranty:

12 Months


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