ZNS-3000H Solar Air Conditioner


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ZNS-3000H Solar Air Conditioner. Solar Energy system for 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner.

Solar Energy System – 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner.

Solar Panels:                        3 KW

Solar Inverter:                     3.5 KW

Mounting:                            Galvanized Sheet

Storage:                                HYUNDAI 12V-155Ah

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ZNS-3000H Solar System – 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner.

Product Description.

  • Solar Panels (ZNSHINE) A grade 10 Yrs Workmanship Warranty.
  • Solar Inverter, Pure sinew wave. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).
  • Mounting Rack. Ground Mo0unting System. Galvanized Sheet Based.
  • Energy Storage. HYUNDAI. Deep Cycle, Tubular Batteries.


  • No Load Shedding.
  • Free Run on Solar System whole Day.
  • No Heavy Electricity Bill.
  • 10 Yrs, 25 Yrs Solar Panels Life.
  • Solar Inverter 2 Yrs Warranty.
  • Deep Cycle Batteries.

Additional information

Installation Accessories:

Installation Accessories will be as per actual. After Site Survey we can give you complete system prices with accessories.

Installation Charges:

Rs: 15000


As per Actual


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